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Special paper

The relationship between primary production and respiration in the photic zone of the Great Masurian Lakes (GMLS), in relation to trophic conditions, plankton composition and other ecological factors

Siuda W., Kauppinen E.S, Kaliński T., Chróst R.J, Kiersztyn B.

  Regular research papers  

The role of climatic variables for estimating probability of abundance of tree species

Antúnez P., Wehenkel C. , López-Sánchez C.A., Hernández-Díaz J.C.


Effects of climate warming on vegetative phenology of the common beech Fagus sylvatica in a submontane forest of the Western Carpathians: two-decade analysis

Schieber B., Kubov M., Janík R.


Natural regeneration potential of the black saxaul shrub-forests in semi-deserts of Central Asia – the Ili River delta area, SE Kazakhstan

Zhaglovskaya A.A., Chlachula J., Thevs N., Myrzagaliyeva A.B., Aidossova S.S.


The influence of stand structure on European yew Taxus baccata populations in its natural habitats in central Poland

Dobrowolska D., Niemczyk M., Olszowska G.


Habitat use of Hipparchia semele (Lepidoptera) in its artificial stronghold: necessity of the resource-based habitat view in restoration of disturbed sites

Tropek R., Cizek O., Kadlec T., Klecka J.


Effect of different management practices on ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) assemblages of uphill grasslands

Twardowski J.P., Pastuszko K., Hurej M., Gruss I.


Ground-active arthropod recovery in response to size of shrub plantations in a desertified grassland ecosystem

Liu R., Liu J., Zhao J., Xi W., Yang Z.


Autumn irruptions of red-footed falcons Falco vespertinus in east-central Poland

GolawskI A., Kupryjanowicz J., Szczypinski P., Dombrowski A., Mroz E., Twardowski M., Kielan S., Antczak A., Pagorski P., Murawski M.


Biocontrol of common vole populations by avian predators versus rodenticide application

Machar I., Harmacek J., Vrublova K., Filippovova J., Brus J.

 Short research contribution

The signal crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus – distribution and invasion in the southern Baltic coastal river

Dobrzycka-Krahel A., Skóra M.E., Raczyński M., Szaniawska A.