foto Piotr Ślipiński

Main research interest

Barcoding DNA, molecular identification of animal species based on gene sequence of cytochrome oxidase I (COI).
Bioinformatics. Molecular evolution of sequences of genes and proteins. 

Ongoing research projects

Molecular characterization of cytochrome oxidase subunit I as a sign of adaptation of an organism. 
Checking variability of the sequence of gene and protein of cytochrome oxidase. Testing, how changes in
a protein structure of cytochrome oxidase can affect its kinetics.

Selected publications 

Pomorski J. 2008 Variability and location of mutation in sequence of cytochrome oxidase I (COI) in four taxa. 
Prace i materiały zootechniczne. 66: 182-184. (in Polish)

Gryczyńska-Siemiątkowska A., Gortat T., Kozakiewicz A., Rutkowski R., Pomorski J., Kozakiewicz M., 2008.
Multiple paternity in a Wild population of the yellow-necked Mouse Apodemus falvicollis. Acta theriologica 53(3): 251-258.

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