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  Nematofauna of the shelterbelts in the agricultural landscape Lucyna W asilewska
  Enchytraeids (Oligochaeta) in the agricultural landscape Ewa Nowak
  Communities of soil microarthropods with special reference to Collembola in midfield shelterbelts Izabella Olejniczak
  Community structure of soil-litter macrofauna in shelterbelt and adjacent crop field Elżbieta Olechowicz
  Effect of shelterbelts on adjoining cultivated fields: patrolling intensity of carabid beetles (Carabidae) and spiders (Araneae) Anna Kajak and Maria Oleszczuk
  Lumbricidae communities in several years old midfield shelterbelt (Turew region, Western Poland) Grzegorz Makulec
  Effect of environmental conditions on the populations of Luronium natans (L.) Raf. Ewa Bazydło
  Effect of pH, dissolved organic carbon and total phosphorus concentrations on selected life history traits of Lluronium natans(L.) Rraf. Ewa Bazydło and Józef Szmeja
  Tree rings of norway spruce ( Picea abies (L.) KIarsten) in Lithuania as drought indicators: dendroecological approach Adomas Vitas
  Time of Chironomus plumosus (L.) generations in natural conditions of lowland reservoir Zdzisław Kajak and Paweł Prus
   Integrated methods in pest control: effect of insecticides on entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana (Bals)Vuill., B. brongniartii (Sacc.) and nematodes Heterorhabditis megidis Poinar, Jackson, Klein, Steinernema feltiae Filipjev, S. glaseriSteiner Andrzej Bednarek, Elżbieta Popowska-Nowak, Elżbieta Pezowicz, Marta Kamionek
    Content of selected chemicals in two protected macrophytes: Nymphaea alba l. and N uphar lutea (L.) Sibith. & Sm. in relation to site chemistry Agnieszka Klink
  Relationships between community structure and soil properties of a swamp forest from Northern Turkey Erkan Yalçin, Ali Bilgin, Hamdi Güray Kutbay, Mahmut Kilinç