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Functional diversity, trophic relations and nutrient cycling in psammon community of an eutrophic lake (guest editors: Kalinowska K., Ejsmont-Karabin J.)

  KALINOWSKA K., EJSMONT-KARABIN J., GORELYSHEVA Z., RYBAK J.I. - Biomass distribution and dynamics and food web relations in psammon community of a eutrophic lake
  EJSMONT-KARABIN J., GORELYSHEVA Z., KALINOWSKA K., RYBAK J.I. - Role of psammon microinvertebrates in phosphorus cycling in hydroarenal of an eutrophic lake
  Regular research papers  

OU Y.-D., SU Z.-Y., KE X.-D., LI Z.-K. - Vascular ground flora in relation to topography, canopy structure and gap light regimes in a subtropical broadleaved forest (South China)


DU F., XU X., ZHANG X.-C., SUI Y., SHAO M., HU L., SHAN L. - The relationships between aboveground biomass and Voronoi area of coexisting species in an old-field community


HEDL R., HOUŠKA J., BANAŠ M., ZEIDLER M. - Effect of skiing and slope gradient on topsoil properties in an alpine environment


REPEČKIENE J., SALINA O., JUKONIENE I. - Microbial communities in disturbed peatlands colonized with invasive mossCampylopus introflexus (Hedw.) Brid


XU Z., ZHAO C., FENG Z. - Species distribution models to estimate the deforested area of Picea crassifolia in arid region recently protected: Qilian Mts. National Natural Reserve (China)


ZHANG Z., ZANG R., WANG L. WANG G., ZHANG J. - Effects of environmental variation and spatial distance on the beta diversity of woody plant functional groups in a tropical forest


LI H., YANG Y., ZHAO Y. - Bud banks of two dominant grass species and their roles in restoration succession series of a flooded meadow


MAO W., ALLINGTON G., LI Y.-L., ZHANG T.-H., ZHAO X.-Y., WANG S.-K.- Life history strategy influences biomass allocation in response to limiting nutrients and water in an arid system


CHAI M., SHI F., HE K.-S., LI R., CAO D., HE Z. - Effects of saline-alkaline stress on early growth strategy and colonization success of Flaveria bidentis ( L.) Kuntze (Asteraceae ) - a new exotic plant in Northern China


JUŚKIEWICZ-SWACZYNA B., CHOSZCZ D. - Effect of habitat quality on the structure of populations of Pulsatilla patens (L.) Mill. (Ranunculaceae) - rare and endangered species of European flora


SKRAJNA T., KUBICKA H., RZYMOWSKA Z. - Illecebrum verticillatum L. - endangered species in agrocenoses of Eastern Poland: assessment of ecological and genetic indicators for protection goals


FERREIRA T., RIBEIRO E., DUARTE-RODRIGUES P., BOAVIDA M-J. - Altitudinal gradients in a volcanic island: effect on biodiversity and species richness of the dipteran fauna


KULFAN J., ŠTRBOVÁ E., ZACH P. - Effect of vegetation and management on occurrence of larvae and adults of generalistManiola jurtina L. (Lepidoptera) in meadow habitats

  JANIGA M., HREHOVÁ Z., KOSTKOVÁ-ZELINOVÁ V. - Seasonal effects of lead uptake by snow vole Chionomys nivalis(Martins 1842) in West Tatra Mts.: bone metal concentrations and hematological indices
  Short research contributions  

RYCHLIK L., CHURCHFIELD S., TAYLOR J.R.E., KARDYNIA P., OŁDAKOWSKI Ł. - Live-trapping small mammals under snow - a protocol for maximising captures and minimising mortality


BALÁŽ M., BALÁŽOVÁ M. - Diversity and abundance of bird communities in three mountain forest stands: effect of the habitat heterogeneity

  Research note  
  TROPEK R. - Can periodically drained ponds have any potential for terrestrial arthropods conservation? - a pilot survey of spiders