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Special paper


Dzierzbicka-Gowacka L., Piskozub J., Jakacki J., Janecki M., Nowicki A - Infl uence of climate parameters on long-term variations of the distribution of phytoplankton biomass and nutrient concentration in the Baltic Sea simulated by a 3D model

  Regular research papers  
  Ding X., Wang Y., Yu S. - No evidence for a positive response of biomass production to species diversity in an experimental grassland
  Dąbrowska-Prot E., Wasiłowska A. - Th e role of ecotones in man-disturbed landscape: boundaries between mixed forest and adjacent man-made ecosystems in the Kampinos National Park, Poland

Cheng D.-L., Zhong Q.-L. - Nitrogen content and biomass: scaling from the tree to the forest level


Unar P., Janík D., Souček J., Vrška T., Adam D., Král K., Hort L. - The Pinus rotundata Link bog forests on mined peat bogs - is the conservation of undisturbed edge an eff ective tool for its protection?


Rzepecki M. - Dynamics of phosphorus in lacustrine sediments: the process of uptake/release of dissolved reactive phosphorus by sediments in diff erent habitats and lakes


Kruk M. - Th e eff ect of extreme winter conditions on element fl uxes in a small forested watershed in N-E Europ


Tan B., Wu F., Yang W., Wang A, Yang Y. - Soil fauna community dynamics during soil thawing period in the subalpine and alpine forests of Western China


Rychert K., Wielgat-Rychert M., Szczurowska D., Myszka M., Bochyńska M., Krawiec K. - Th e importance of ciliates as a trophic link in shallow, brackish and eutrophic lakes


Galir A., Palijan G. - Change in metazooplankton abundance in response to fl ood dynamics and trophic relations in Danubian fl oodplain lake (Kopački Rit, Croatia)


Lukášová K., Knižek M., Holuša J., Čejka M., Kacprzyk M. - Is the bark beetle Trypodendron leave (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Scolytinae) an alien pest in the Czech Republic and Poland?


Polakowski M., Jankowiak Ł. -Timing of autumn migration and biometric characteristics of migrating populations of european Robin (Erithacus rubicola L. 1958) in north-eastern Poland


Brzeziecki B., Drozdowski S., Zawadzka D., Zawadzki J. - Quantifi cation of ecological preferences of the Capercaille Tetrao urogallus by means of the habitat suitability index: a case study in the Augustów Forest (N-E Poland)


Juškitis R., Balčiauskas L., Šiožinité V. - Nest site preference of forest dormouse Dryomys nitedula (Pallas) in the north-western corner of the distribution range

  Jian J., Jiang H., Jiang Z, Zhou G., Yu S., Peng S., Liu S, Liu S, Wang J.- Evaluating the habitat quality of giant panda (Ailuropoda Melanoleuca) using habitat suitability index (hsi)
  Short research contributions  

Ożgo M., Bogucki Z., Nowakowska M. - Shells of Unio tumidus (Bivalvia, Unionidae) from an archeological site and contemporary population inhabiting the same lake


Jalali G.A., Akbarian H., Rhoades C., Yousezadeh H. - Th e eff ect of the halophytic shrub Lycium ruthenicum (Mutt) on selected soil properties of a desert ecosystem in central Iran

  Research note  
  Dolenec Z. - Non-signifi cant trends towards earlier or later arrival date of the Pied Wagtail (Motacilla alba) in N-W Croatia

Rakusa-Suszczewski S. - How old polar expeditions distributed species in the Pacifi c basin

  Szymura T.H. - How does recent vegetation refl ects previous systems of forest management?