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Regular research papers


LIU W.-D., ZANG R.-G., DING Y., ZHANG W.-Y. - Species-area relationships of different plant functional groups in tropical monsoon rainforests (Hainan Island, China)

  KOMPAŁA-BĄBA A., BĄBA W. - The spontaneous succession in a sand-pit: the role of life history traits and species habitat preferences
  DU N., WANG R.-Q., ZHANG X.-R., XU F., TAN X.-F., GUO W.-H. - Scaling relationships of leaf traits do not change among months in a temperate shrub species

KOSTRAKIEWICZ-GIERAŁT K. - The effect of vegetation character on abundance and structure of subpopulations of rare herb species Gentiana pneumonanthe L.


NIU R.-X., ZHAO X.-Y., LIU J.-L., QIN Y. - Effects of land use/cover change in the desert oasis system on topsoil carbon and nitrogen (middle of Heihe River basin, China)


PIWOWARCZYK R. - Seed productivity in relation to other shoot features for endangered parasitic plant Orobanche picridis F.W. Schultz (Orobanchaceae)


KWIATKOWSKA-FALIŃSKA A.J., PANUFNIK-MĘDZRZYCKA D., WÓDKIEWICZ M., SONDEJ I., JAROSZEWICZ B. - Ancient forest species and the diversity of vegetation and seed bank indicate the aptitude of transformed thermophilous oak wood patches for restoration


CHENG J., LEE X., ZHOU Z., WANG B., XING Y., CHENG H., TANG Y. - The effects of litter layer and soil properties on the soil-atmosphere fluxes of greenhouse gases in karst forest, Southwest China


TILAKI G.A.D., KAMAREI R., VAFAKHAH M. - Determining the relation between soil properties and spatial variability of Nitraria schoberi Linn. using geostatistical analysis: a case study in Meighan Playa in Iran


PUKACZ A., PEŁECHATY M., PEŁECHATA A. - The relation between charophytes and habitat differentiation in temperate lowland lakes


POUSKA V., SVOBODA M., LEPŠ J. - Co-occurrence patterns of wood-decaying fungi on Picea abies logs: does Fomitopsis pinicola influence the other species?


ČMRLEC K., IVKOVIĆ M., ŠEMNIČKI P., MIHALJEVIĆ Z. - Emergence phenology and microhabitat distribution of aquatic Diptera community at the outlets of barrage lakes: effects of temperature, substrate and current velocity


ROŻEN A., MYSŁAJEK R.W., SOBCZYK Ł. - Altitude versus vegetation as the factors influencing the diversity and abundance of earthworms and other soil macrofauna in montane habitat (Silesian Beskid Mts, Western Carpatians)

  Short research contributions  

ILIEVA-MAKULEC K., DE BOECK H.J. - Changes in soil nematode community structure following warming and drought manipulations in a grassland mesocosm experiment

  ŠÁLEK M., CHRENKOVÁ M., KIPSON M. - High population density of Little Owl (Athene noctua) in Hortobagy National Park, Hungary, Central Europe
  Research note  

ŠABUNAITE J., VITAS A. - Spontaneous regeneration of rhododendron plants: first evidence from Lithuania


URBAŃSKA M., ANDRZEJEWSKI W., ŁAKOMY A., GIERSZAL H. - Predation on alien species: a case of oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus) foraging on Sinanodonta woodiana - an alien pond mussel

  KOPIJ G. - Food niche overlap in co-existing Barn Owl Tyto alba (Scopoli 1769) and Great Horned Owl Bubo virginianus Gmelin 1788 in intensively used farmland

WÓJCICKA A. - Importance of epicuticular wax cover for plant/insect interactions: experiment with cereal aphids .