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Regular research papers


ULRICH W., ZALEWSKI M., HAJDAMOWICZ I., STAŃSKA M., CIURZYCKI W., TYKARSKI P. – Towards a general species-time-area-sampling effort relationship

  KIANI B., FALLAH A., TABARI M., HOSSEINI S.M., IN PARIZI M.H. – A comparison of distance sampling methods in Saxaul (Halloxylon ammodendron (C.A. Mey Bunge) shrub-lands
  ZUO X., ZHAO X., ZHAO H., ZHANG T., WANG S., KNOPS J., KOCHSIEK A. – Spatial heterogeneity of soil seed banks in sandy grasslands under fencing and grazing in Horqin sandland, Northern China

SUN S.-Q., HE G., WU Y.-H., ZHOU J., YU D. – Starch and nutrient contents are key for mosses adapting to different succession stages along a receding glacier


SIMÖES M.P., BELO A.F., SOUZA C. – Effects of mowing regime on diversity of mediterranian roadside vegetation: implications for management


DU F., SUI Y., XU X., ZHANG X., HAO W, SHAO M., HU L., SHAN L. – Morphological responses of six plant species to patchy habitat with different nitrogen concentrations using in-growth core methods


DUAN R.-Y., HUANG M.-Y., WANG X.-A. – Forest patch dynamics initiated by disturbance: distribution pattern of Larix chinensis (Bessen) patches along the altitudinal gradient in relation to light and temperature conditions (Qinling Mts. China)


MARTÍNEZ-ANTÚNEZ P., WEHENKEL C., HERNÁNDEZ-DÍAZ J.C., GONZÁLEZ-ELIZONDO M., CORRAL-RIVAS J.J., PINEDO-ÁLVAREZ A. – Effect of climate and physiography on the distribution of trees and shrubs species in northwest Mexico


HU X., WU Y., WANG Q., LIU L., ZUO W.-Q., SHI F.-S., WU N. – Effects of snowpack and litter decomposition on nitrogen dynamics in soil of the alpine zone of the Eastern Tibetan Plateau


WOZIWODA B., PAWICKA K. – The history of Scots pine encroachment and retreat in ombrotrophic bog recorded in woody debris


ERDŐS L., BÁTORI Z., MORSCHHAUSER T., KÖRMÖCZI L. – Ecological boundaries at different scales: testing the moving split window analysis using artificial and field data


LIU W., LI S., SU L., SU J. – Variation and correlations of leaf traits of two Taxus species with different shade tolerance along the light gradient


HOSSEINZADEH CALAGAR A.,YUSEFI M., ZAREI M., YOUSEFZADEH H. – Assessment of genetic diversity of Tilia rubra DC. by RAPD analysis in the Hyrcanian forests, north of Iran

  CIACH M., MICHALCEWICZ J. – Correlation between selected biometric traits of adult Rosalia alpina (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) and size of their exitholes: new perspectives on insect studies?

GOŁAWSKI A., KASPRZYKOWSKI Z., JOBDA M., DUER I. – The importance of winter catch crops compared with other farmland habitats to birds wintering in Poland

  SUN P., YU H.-H., ZHAO X.-Q., WANG D.-H. – Stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes reveal the food diet of Tibetan antelopePantholops hodgsoni (Abel 1826) in Kekexili Nature Reserve (China)
  Short research contributions  

KHOJASTED F., CHAHOUKI M.A.Z. – Spatial patterns and coexistence of the native forb, Psathyrostachys fragilis (Asteracea) and the native invader, Gundelia tournefortii (Poaceae) in a semi-arid rangeland of Iran


CHMURA D., NEJFELD P., BOROWSKA M., WONIAK G., NOWAK T., TOKARSKA-GUZIK T. – The importance of land use type in Fallopia (Reynoutria) japonica invasion in the urban environment

  MANKIEWICZ-BOCZEK J., IMSIRIDOU A., KACZKOWSKI Z., TSIORA A., KARAISKOU N., ŁAPIŃSKA M., MINOS G., ZALEWSKI M. – Genetic diversity of perch populations in three lowland reservoirs (Central Poland): perspectives for fish sustainable management
  GRZĘDZICKA E., KUS K., NABIELEC J. – The effect of urbanization on the diet composition of the Tawny owl (Strix aluco L.)
  Research note  

RUI X., LIANG D. – Responses of soil ß-glucosidase activities to simulated increased precipitation in a semi-arid temperate grasslands