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  Punning J-M., Koff T., Sakson M., Kangur M. - Holocene pattern of organic carbon accumulation in a small lake in Estonia


  Podgórska B., Mudryk J. Z. - Physiological properties of bacteria inhabiting polluted and unpolluted marine sandy beach (Southern Baltic Sea)


  Dierzbicka- Głowacka L. - Effects of phytoplankton mortality caused by unpredictable conditions - numerical simulations


  Osyczka P., Dutkiewicz E. M., Olech M. - Trace elements concentrations in selected moss and lichen species collected within Antarctic research stations


  Gazda A., Szwagrzyk J., Nybom H., Werlemark G. - Morphological and genetical viariability of Rubus hirtus (Waldst and Kitt) plants under partly open forest canopy


  Liangju ZHAO, Honglang XIAO, Xiaohong LIU, Jinxiu LI, Shengchun XIAO - Foliar stable carbon isotope discrimination and nutrients contents in two desert plant species
  Mingcai LI, Hongyan LIU, Laixing LI, Xianfeng YI, Xiaojia ZHU - Carbon isotope composition of plants along altitudinal gradient and its relationship to environmental factors on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
  Mieczan T. - Epiphytic Protozoa (testate amoebae and ciliates) associated with Sphagnum in peatbogs: relationship to chemical parameters
  Kuczyńska-Kippen N. - Interactions of con-generic Lecane species (Rotifera) within different macrophyte patches in a shallow lake
  Dukowska M., Szczerkowska E., Grzybkowska M., Tszydel M., Penczak T. - Effect of flow manipulations on benthic fauna communities in a lowland river: interhabitat comparison
  Görür G. - Effects of host plant contaminated with heavy metals on the life history traits of aphids ( Brevicoryne brassicae .)
  Wysocki D., Kiriaka B. - Wing to tail ratio in European Blackbirds ( Tutdus merula .) of different age
  Shengmei Y., Baofa Y., Yifan C., Yanming Z., Jinlong W., Wanhong W. - Reproduction and behaviour of plateau pikas (Ochotona curzoniae Hodgson) under predation risk: field experiment
  Tworek S. - Cluster-based approach for identifying avian life-history groups for use in ecological monitoring
  Burkowska A., Donderski W. - Impact of humic substances on bacterioplankton in eutrophic lake
  Ziarnek M. - Human impact on plant communities in urban area assessed with hemeroby grades
  Czachowski W. - Do Polyergus rufescens (Latr.) and Formica sanguinea (Latr) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) share resources of slave species with each other ?
  Urbisz A., Urbisz A. - European Chestnut ( Castanea sativa) - a tree naturalized on the Baltic Sea coast?
  Orłowski G., Gębski P. - Effect of climate change on flock size of the Snow Bunting ( Plectrophenax nivalis .) wintering in south-western Poland
  Garding L. - Applications of the eater-food model to predator-prey-food cycles
  De los Rios P., Soto D. - Eutrophication and dominance of daphnids (Crustacea) in deep subtropical lake (Lake Llanquihue, Chile)