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  Victoria A. IVASHKINA - Abundance and activity of the edible dormouse (Glis glis L.) in the Zhiguli Mountains (Russia, Middle Volga Region)
  Mirosław JURCZYSZYN - The use of space by translocated edible dormice, Glis glis (L.), at the site of their original capture and the site of their release: radio-tracking method applied in a reintroduction experiment
  Rimvydas JUŠKAITIS - Nestbox grids in population studies of the common dormouse (Muscardinus Avellanarius L.): methodological aspects
  Wojciech K. NOWAKOWSKI, Monika GODLEWSKA -The importance of animal food for Dryomys nitedula (Pallas) and Glis Glis (L.) In Białowieża Forest (East Poland): analysis of faeces
  Wojciech K. NOWAKOWSKI, Magdalena REMISIEWICZ, Joanna KOSOWSKA -Food preferences of Glis glis (L.), Dryomys nitedula (Pallas) and Graphiurus murinus (Smuts) kept in captivity
  Botond BAKÓ, Kristóf HECKER - Factors determining the distribution of coexisting dormouse species (Gliridae, Rodentia)
  Nadezhda Yu. KIRILLOVA, Alexander A. KIRILLOV, Victoria A. IVASHKINA - Ectoparasites of the edible dormouse Glis glis L. of Samarskaya Luka Peninsula (Russia)
  Michał ŚCIŃSKI, Zbigniew BOROWSKI - Home ranges, nest sites and population dynamics of the forest dormouse Dryomys nitedula (Pallas) in an oak-hornbeam forest: a live-trapping and radio-tracking study
  Hanna ZAYTSEVA - Nest material of the common dormouse (Muscardinus Avellanarius L.) used in nestboxes, Podilla (West Ukraine)
  Stevan AVRAMOV, Branka TUCIĆ - Plasticity to an irradiance gradient in foliage attributes of a perennial monocot Iris pumila(L.): comparison of populations from habitats of contrasting light conditions
  Damian CHMURA, Edyta SIERKA -Relation between invasive plant and species richness of forest floor vegetation: a study ofImpatiens parviflora DC.
  Ignacio Javier DÍAZ-MAROTO, Pablo VILA-LAMEIRO -Litter production and composition in natural stands of Quercus robur l. (Galicia, Spain)
  Monika TARKOWSKA-KUKURYK - Water soldier Stratiotes aloides L. (hydrocharitaceae) as a substratum for macroinvertebrates in a shallow eutrophic lake
  Ximena AGUILERA, Giovani CRESPO, Steven DECLERCK, Luc De MEESTER - Diel vertical migration of zooplankton in tropical high mountain lakes (Andes, Bolivia)
  Joanna CIESIOŁKIEWICZ, Grzegorz ORŁOWSKI, Andrzej ELŻANOWSKI - High juvenile mortality of grass snakes Natrix natrix(L.) on a suburban road
  Robert RUTKOWSKI, Łukasz REJT, Anna SZCZUKA - Analysis of microsatellite polymorphism and genetic differentiation in urban and rural kestrels Falco tinnunculus (L.)
  Sang-don LEE, Piotr G. JABŁOŃSKI - Spatial segregation of foraging sites in winter mixed - species flocks of forest birds near Seoul, Korea
  Piotr ZDUNIAK - The prey of hooded crow (Corvus cornix L.) In wetland: study of damaged egg shells of birds
  Iván M. QUEZADA, Ernesto GIANOLI -Simulated herbivory limits phenotypic responses to drought in Convolvulus demissuschoisy (Convolvulaceae)
  Daniela KELLEROVÁ, Rastislav JANÍK - Air temperature and ground level ozone concentration in submountain beech forest (Western Carpathians, Slovakia)