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  Regular research papers  

BOROWIAK K., RUCIŃSKA-SOBKOWIAK R., RYMER K., GWÓŹDŹ E.A., ZBIERSKA J. – Biochemical markers of tropospheric ozone: experimentation with test plants


DUCHOSLAV M. - Effects of contrasting habitats on the phenology, seasonal growth and drymass allocation pattern of two bulbous geophytes (Alliaceae) with partly different geographic ranges


TRUUS L., PUUSILD E. - Species richness, biomass production and recent vegetation changes of Estonian floodplain grasslands


ŁYSIK M. - A 13-year change in ground-layer vegetation of Carpathian beech forests


LI M., LIU D., KONG G. - Nutrient resorption and use efficiency at different canopy heights of Alpine tree species Abies georgeivar. smithii (Viguie et Gaussen) Cheng, Tibetan Plateau

  AKBAR K.F., HALE W.H.G., HEADLEY A.D.D. - Floristic composition and environmental determinants of roadside vegetation in Northern England

DENISIUK Z., CHMURA D., ADAMSKI P. - Flowering and generative reproduction in isolated populations of endangered species Carlina onopordifolia Bessr (Asteraceae) in Poland

  APAYDIN Z., KUTBAY H.G., ÖZBUCAK T., YALÇIN E., BILGIN A. - Relationship between vegetation zonation and edaphic factors in a salt-marsh community (Black Sea Coast)

LU T., MA K., FU B., ZHANG J., LU Q., HUDSON S. - Diversity and composition of wetland communities along an agricultural drainage ditch density gradient

  KOPERSKI P. - Reduced diversity and stability of chironomid assemblages (Chironomidae, Diptera) as the effect of moderate stream degradation

KIDAWA A. - Food selection of Antarctic sea star Odontaster validus (Koehler): laboratory experiments with food quality and size


HEBDA G. - Nesting sites of the Great Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos major L. in Poland: analysis of nest cards

  PINOWSKI J., PINOWSKA B., ZDUNIAK P., TRYJANOWSKI P., JERZAK L., ROMANOWSKI J. – The autumnal sexual display in Tree Sparrows (Passer montanus L.) as a component of the winter survival strategy

MALAVASI R., BATTISTI C., CARPANETO G.M. - Seasonal bird assemblages in a Mediterranean patchy wetland: corroborating the intermediate disturbance hypothesis

  CIACH M., BYLICKA M. - Relative abundance and flock size of wintering Common Crossbills Loxia curvirostra L. in Western Carpathians: a habitat influence

Short research contribution

  ORŁOWSKI G., CZARNECKA J. - Granivory of birds and seed dispersal: viable seeds of Amaranthus retroflexus L. recovered from the droppings of the Grey Patridge Perdix perdix L.
  Research notes  
  KARGIOĞLU M., ŞENKUL Ç., SERTESER A., KONUK M. – Bioclimatic requirements of Quercus vulcanica (Boiss et Heldr. ex) Kotschy - endemic species in Turkey
  MARKOVIĆ G., KARAN-ŽNIDARŠIČ T., SIMONOVIĆ P. - Bryozoan species Hyalinella punctata Hancock in gut content of chub Leuciscus cephalus (L.)