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Regular research papers


Skrajna T., Gozdowski D., Ługowska M. – The transformations of field communities with Illecebrum verticillatum L. (Cariophyllaceae) on the borderlands of its European range (Central Eastern Poland)

  Fu G., Zhang X-Z., Zhou Y-T., Yu C-Q, Shen Z-X. – Partitioning sources of ecosystem and soil respiration in an alpine meadow of Tibet Plateau using regression method

Wang Q., Yuan X., Liu H. – Influence of the Three Gorges Reservoir on the vegetation of its drawdown area: effects of water submersion and temperature on seed germination of Xanthium sibiricum(Compositae)


Złoch M., Kowalkowski T., Szymańska S., Hrynkiewicz K. – Response of birch and alder root endophytes as well as rhizosphere and bulk soil microorganisms to heavy metal pollution


Quinones-Pérez C.Z., Sáenz-Romero C., Wehenkel C. – Influence of neighboring tree species on AFLP variants of endangered Picea chihuahuana Martínez populations on the Sierra Madre Occidental, North-wastern Mexico


Ondreičková K., Mihálik D., Ficek A., Hudcovicová M., Kraic J., Drahovská H. – Impact of genetically modified maize on the genetic diversity of rhizosphere bacteria: a two-years study in Slovakia


Ning Y., Zhang Z.X., Cui L.J., Zou C.L. – Adaptive significance of and factors affecting plasticity of biomass allocation and rhizome morphology; a case study of the clonal plant Scirpus planiculmis (Cyperaceae)


Kostrakiewicz-Gierałt K., Bąba W. – The influence of standing vegetation height on the reproductive allocation In populations ofSerratula tinctoria L. (Asteraceae)


Li Y., Gao J., Zhang L., Su Z. – Responses to UV-B exposure by saplings of the relict species Davidia involucrata Bill are modified by soil nitrogen availability


Błachuta J., Szoszkiewicz K., Gebler D., Schneider S.C. – How do environmental parameters relate to macroinvertebrate metrics ? - prospects for river water quality assessment


Rada S., Mazalová M., Šipoš J., Kuras T. – Impacts of moving, grazing and edge effect on Orthoptera of submontane grasslands: perspectives for biodiversity protection

  Berec M., Stará Z., Poláková S. – Relation between body-size and thermoregulation behavior: postprandial thermophily in spiny-tailed agama Uromastyx acanthinura Bell

Štefanova M., Šálek M. – Effects of intergraded farming on herbal and bird species diversity in Czech agricultural landscapes

  Gortat T., Barkowska M., Gryczyńska-Siemiątkowska A., Pieniążek A., Kozakiewicz A., Kozakiewicz M. – The effects of urbanization – small mammals communities in a gradient of human pressure in Warsaw city, Poland
  Xie J-X., Lin G-H., Zhang T-Z., Su J.P. – Do plateau zokors (Eospalax baileyi) forage randomly when collecting food for winter caches?
  Krauze-Gryz D., Gryz J. – Free-ranging domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) in Central Poland: density, penetration range and diet composition