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Sergey A. Belokobylskij and Kaoru Maeto

Warszawa 2009

165 x 235 mm, hardcover, 806 pages, 197 figs, 16 photos.
ISBN 978-83-918040-8-7

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A monographic revision of the Japanese taxa of the parasitoids from the subfamily Doryctinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) is suggested. A discussion of the morphological features of the adult, biological characters, mode of life and distribution of these parasitoids are presented. A key to 39 genera of the Doryctinae fauna of Japan and neighbouring territories of the mainland Asia is provided. Thirty-one genera and 182 species of doryctins are recorded in the study area, redescribed and illustrated: Arhaconotus Belokobylskij (1 species), Asiaheterospilus Belokobylskij et Konishi (1 species), Caenophanes Foerster (6 species), Cryptontsira Belokobylskij (1 species), Dendrosoter Wesmael (1 species), Doryctes Haliday (10 species), Ecphylus Foerster (5 species), Eodendrus Belokobylskij (1 species), Guaygata Marsh (2 species), Heterospilus Haliday (24 species), Hypodoryctes Kokujev (6 species), Ipodoryctes Granger (2 species), Leluthia Cameron (3 species), Mimipodoryctes Belokobylskij (1 species), Monolexis Foerster (1 species), Neoheterospilus Belokobylskij (1 species), Neurocrassus Snoflak (11 species), Nipponecphylus Belokobylskij et Konishi (1 species), Ontsira Cameron (4 species), Parallorhogas Marsh (5 species), Platy spathius Viereck (1 species), Polystenus Foerster (1 species), Rhaconotus Ruthe (11 species), Rhacontsira Belokobylskij (4 species), Rhoptrocentrus Marshall (1 species), Ryukyu - spathius Belokobylskij (1 species), Sonanus Belokobylskij et Konishi (1 species), Spathiomorpha Tobias (1 species), Spathiostenus Belokobylskij (1 species), Spathius Nees (72 species) and Zombrus Marshall (1 species). The new subgenus Eoheterospilus subgen. nov. (type species Hecabolus rubrocinctus Ashmead) is established for two species of the genus Heterospilus Haliday. Forty-nine species are described here as new for science: Doryctes nipponicus sp. nov.Heterospilus asiaticola sp. nov.H. flavicorpus sp. nov.H. ishigakus sp. nov.H. kerzhneri sp. nov.H. kobeensis sp. nov.H. okinawus sp. nov.H. pumilio sp. nov.H. signatus sp. nov.H. subseparatus sp. nov.H. xanthopterus sp. nov.Ontsira neantica sp. nov.O. amamioshima sp. nov.Rhaconotus brachyceps sp. nov.Rh. sonaicus sp. nov.Rh. watanabei sp. nov.Spathius aichiensis sp. nov.S. alevtinae sp. nov.S. angustifemur sp. nov.S. brevithorax sp. nov.S. elegantulus sp. nov.S. fukushimus sp. nov.S. fuscotibialis sp. nov.S. gnom sp. nov.S. habui sp. nov.S. ibarakius sp. nov.S. insulicola sp. nov.S. interstitialis sp. nov.S. longipetiolus sp. nov.S. longisetosus sp. nov.S. multirugosus sp. nov.S. nagoyaensis sp. nov.S. nakaragawus sp. nov.S. nixoni sp. nov.S. ohboshiensis sp. nov.S. okinawus sp. nov.S. pallescens sp. nov.S. parafasciatus sp. nov.S. paramoenus sp. nov.S. parochus sp. nov.S. rugoscutum sp. nov.S. ryukyuensis sp. nov.S. sagaensis sp. nov.S. similis sp. nov.S. simplex sp. nov.S. solo sp. nov.S. tsukubaensis sp. nov.S. uradanicus sp. nov.S. yonagunicus sp. nov. The following synonymies are suggested: Caenopachys Foerster, 1862 (=Dendrosoter Wesmael, 1838); Heterospilus oculatus Belokobylskij, 1988 (=Hecabolus rubrocinctus Ashmead, 1905); Doryctes strigosus Chen et Shi, 2004 (=D. gyljak Telenga, 1941); Doryctes tristriatus Kieffer, 1921 (=Ischiogonus malayensis Fullaway, 1919); Ontsira retina Chen et Shi, 2004 (= Hypodoryctes fuga Belokobylskij et Chen, 2004); Monolexis sorus Nixon, 1943 (= Monolexis fuscicornis Foerster, 1862); Doryctes nixoni Watanabe, 1952 (= Monolexis palliatus Cameron, 1881); Ontsira brachytes Chen et Shi, 2004 (= O. apposita Belokobylskij, 1998); Rhaconotus carolinensis Watanabe, 1945 (= Rh. formosanus Watanabe, 1934); Spathius leschii Belokobylskij 1998 (= S. lesovik Belokobylskij, 1998). The following new combinations are given: Neurocrassus hakonensis (Ashmead) comb. nov.N. opis (Belokobylskij) comb. nov. and N. palliatus (Cameron) comb. nov. Doryctes yogoi Watanabe was reinstated from synonym of D. mutillator (Thunberg), Ontsira ignea (Ratzeburg) – from O. imperator (Haliday) and Neurocrassus indomalaicus Belokobyl skij – from subspecies of N. rarus (Belokobylskij). The keys to species include the taxa of the Japanese fauna and often also species from the neighbouring territories.

Key words

Parasitoids, Braconidae, Doryctinae, morphological and biological futures, keys to genera and species, redescriptions and descriptions, Japan and neighbouring territories.