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Hulva, P., and I. Horáček

            Craseonycteris thonglongyai (Chiroptera: Craseonycteridae) is a rhinolophoid: molecular

            evidence from cytochrome b, 107


Mucedda, M., A. Kiefer, E. Pidinchedda, and M. Veith

            A new species of long-eared bat (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) from Sardinia (Italy), 121


Markus, N., and J. K. Blackshaw

            Behaviour of the black flying fox Pteropus alecto: 1. An ethogram of behaviour, and

            preliminary characterisation of mother-infant interactions, 137


Markus, N.

            Behaviour of the black flying fox Pteropus alecto: 2. Territoriality and courtship, 153


Srinivasulu, C., and B. Srinivasulu

            Greater short-nosed fruit bat (Cynopterus sphinx) foraging and damage in vineyards in

            India, 167


Leslie, D. M. Jr., and B. S. Clark

            Feeding habits of the endangered Ozark big-eared bat (Corynorhinus townsendii ingens)

            relative to prey abundance       , 173


Ramos Pereira, M. J., H. Rebelo, A. Rainho, and J. M. Palmeirim

            Prey selection by Myotis myotis (Vespertilionidae) in a Mediterranean region, 183


Adams, R. A., and J. A. Simmons

                        Directionality of drinking passes by bats at water holes: is there cooperation?, 195


Law, B. S., L. Reinhold, and M. Pennay

            Geographic variation in the echolocation calls of Vespadelus spp. (Vespertilionidae) from

            New South Wales and Queensland, Australia, 201


Short Notes                

            Hice, C. L., and S. Solari

            First record of Centronycteris maximiliani (Fischer, 1829) and two additional records of C.

            centralis Thomas, 1912 from Peru,     217

            Kock, D.

            The publication dates of Plecotus alpinus Kiefer and Veith, 2002 and of Plecotus microdontus

            Spitzenberger, 2002, 219

Book Reviews, 221

Index, 223

Reviewers, 228