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Behavioural Ecology Unit

Museum and Institute of Zoology

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Main research interests

My research focuses on behavioural and evolutionary ecology of birds and insects. I am particularly interested in how intra- and inter-specific interactions shape the evolution of life-history traits.

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alfredo_Attisano


Research projects

Nestlings’ phenotypic polymorphism and co-evolutionary arms race in a host-brood parasite system in New Caledonia. NCN 2016/23/B/NZ8/03082. With Jörn Theuerkauf and Roman Gula

Mate choice and family formation in a cooperatively breeding bird. NCN 2018/29/B/NZ8/02312. With Jörn TheuerkaufRoman Gula, Magdalena Zagalska-Neubauer and Ralph Kühn 



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