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Regular research papers

Can naturalness indicator values reveal habitat degradation? A test of four methodological approaches

Erdős L., Bátori Z., Penksza K., Dénes A., Kevey B., Kevey D., Magnes M., Sengl P., Tölgyesi C.


A minimum set of soil indicators for the semi-arid range­land productivity assessment

Saedi K., Fatehi P., Khaksarian F., Rezaei S.A..


Landscape-level spruce mortality patterns and topograph­ic forecasters of bark beetle outbreaks in managed and un­managed forests of the Tatra Mountains

Sproull G. J., Bukowski M., McNutt N., Zwijacz-Kozica T., Szwagrzyk J.


Epiphytic lichen diversity as indicator of environmental quality in an industrial area (central Lithuania)

Sujetoviené G.


Habitat preference within its native range and allelopathy of garlic mustard Alliaria petiolata

Sajna N.


Genetic variation of Aconitum sect. Aconitum (Ranuncula­ceae) at a macrogeographical scale in the Carpathians

Sutkowska A., Warzecha T., Mitka J.


Genetic diversity of orchid Malaxis monophyllos over Euro­pean range as an effect of population properties and postgla­cial colonization

Jermakowicz E., Brzosko E., Kotowicz J., Wróblewska A.


Nitrogen deposition influences the allelopathic effect of an invasive plant on the reproduction of a native plant: Solidago canadensis versus Pterocypsela laciniata

Wang C., Liu J., Xiao H., Zhou J., Du D.  


The impact of climate change on habitat suitability of Arte­misia sieberi and Artemisia aucheri (Asteraceae) – a modeling approach

Sanjerehei Mousaei M., Rundel P.W.


Multigenerational and transgenerational side-effects of an insecticide on eggs of Folsomia candida (Collembola)

Szabó B., Bakonyi G.


The effects of habitat deterioration and social status on patrolling behavior in the territorial damselfly Calopteryx splendens

Golab M.J., Gołąb P.A., Contreras-Garduño J., Zając T., Sniegula S.


Nutrient uptake and allocation by plants in recent mounds created by subterranean rodent, plateau zokor Eospalax bai­leyi

Wu R., Wei X., Liu K., Zhong M., Liu Y., Pan D., Shao X.


Small mammals in an urban area: habitat preferences and urban-rural gradient in Nitra city, Slovakia

Klimant P., Klimantová A., Baláž I., Jakab I., Tulis F., Rybanský L., Vadel L., Krumpálová Z.


Short research contribution


Dead wood complexity shapes the pattern of the occurrence of threatened saproxylic beetle Cucujus cinnaberinus

Goczał J., Rossa R.



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