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Special paper


KOSTRZEWSKA-SZLAKOWSKA I., JASSER I. - Black box: what do we know about humic lakes?

  Regular research papers  

SZYMURA T.H., SZYMURA M., DUNAJSKI A- Biodiversity conservation of the vegetation adjacent to watercourses influenced by land reclamation practicies: the floodplain of the Odra River (Silesia, Poland)


KOSTRAKIEWICZ K. - The effect of gaps size on colonization process in Molinietum caeruleae meadows with different habitat conditions


DZWONKO Z., LOSTER S. - Changes in species composition of an abandoned limestone grassland in relation to climatic conditions


SANIGA M., BALANDA M., KUCBEL S., JALOVIAR P. - Cyclic changes in tree species composition of mixed-species forest in Western Carpathians: role of disturbance and tree regeneration


SUN J., PENG C., ST. ONGE B., BERNINGER F., MCCAUGHEY H., LEI X. - Meta-analysis of the effects of soil warming on soil respiration in forest ecosystems


JI M., ZHANG X., WANG Z., ZHANG Q., DENG J. - Intra-versus inter-population variation of cone and seed morphological traits of Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. in northern China: impact of climate-related conditions


DONG M., JIANG Y., ZHANG W., YANG Y., YANG H. - Effect of alpine treeline conditions on the response of the stem radial variation of Picea meyeri Rebd. et Wils to environmental factors


ZHANG F.-W., LI Y.-N., CAO G.-M., WANG S.-P., ZHAO X.-Q., DU M.-Y., WANG Q.-X. - Response of alpine plant community to simulated climate change: two-year results of reciprocal translocation experiment (Tibetan Plateau)


YANG L.-C., ZHOU G.-Y., LI C.-L., SONG W.-Z., CHEN G.-C. - Potential refugia in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau revealed by the phylogeographical study of Swertia tetraptera (Gentianaceae)


VITASOVIĆ KOSIĆ I., TARDELLA F.M., RUŠČIĆ M., CATORCI A. - Assessment of floristic diversity, functional composition and management strategy of North Adriatic pastoral landscape (Croatia)


ŠAJNA N., KUŠAR P., NOVAK S., SLANA NOVAK L. - Benefits of low-intensive grazing: co-occurrence of umbelliferous plant (Hladnikia pastinacifolia Rchb.) and opilionid species (Phalangium opilio. L) in dry, calcareous grassland


BAJERLEIN D., MATUSZEWSKI S., KONWERSKI S. - Insect succession on carrion: seasonality, habitat preference and residency of histerid beetles (Coleoptera: Histeridae) visiting pig carrion exposed in various forests (western Poland)


ARNDT E., DOMDEI J.Influence of beaver ponds on the macroinvertebrate benthic community in lowland brooks


DAI Q., WANG Y. - Effect of road on the distribution of amphibians in wetland area - test with model-averaged prediction

  Short research contributions  

KIANI B., TABARI M., FALLAH A., HOSSEINI S.M., IRAN NEJAD PARIZI M.H. - Optimal method to determine density of the scarce vegetation in dry desert: Variable Area Transect (VAT) applied to saxaul (Haloxylon ammodenderon) community


QU J., LI W., YANG M., LI K., ZHANG Y. - Methods for large scale assessment of small mammal abundance in open habitats: plateau pika (Ochotona curzoniae) in alpine grassland


DEPA Ł. - Coexisting aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) and ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) communities: interdependence in various habitats

  Research note  

SLIVINSKA K., KOPIJ G. - Diet of the Przewalski's horse Equus przewalskii in the Chernobyl exclusion zone


TERRADAS J., PENUELAS J. Misleading ideas about top-down and bottom-up control in communities and the role of omnivores