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Regular research papers


SŁABY A., LISOWSKA M. - Epiphytic lichen recolonization in the centre of Cracow (southern Poland) as a result of air quality improvement


KUFEL L., STRZAŁEK M., WYSOKIŃSKA U., BIARDZKA E., OKNIŃSKA S., RYŚ K. - Growth rate of duckweeds (Lemnaceae) in relation to the internal and ambient nutrient concentrations - testing the Droop and Monod models


XU D., XU X., XIE Y., WANG K. - Dynamics of sandy desertification and detection of sandy land/steppe boundary: vegetation and soil properties


SONG X., JIANG H., PENG Ch., ZHOU G., CHANG S.X., YU S., MA Y., PENG S., WEI X. - Leaf litter decomposition along the temperate - tropical transect (East China): the influence of stand succession, litter quality and climate


CHAHOUKI M.A.Z., AHVAZI L.K., AZARNIVAND H. - Comparison of three modeling approaches for predicting plant species distribution in mountainous scrub vegetation (Semnan Rangelands, Iran)


ÖZKAN K. - Identification of driving factors for presence of endemic species in the Aglasun district of the Mediterranean Region, Turke


IVAJNŠIČ D., COUSINS S.A.O., KALIGARIČ M. - Colonization by Robinia pseudoacacia of various soil and habitat types outside woodlands in a traditional Central-European agricultural landscape


PENG G., WU Ch., XU X., YANG D. - The age-related changes of leaf structure and biochemistry in juvenile and mature subalpine fir trees (Abies faxoniana Rehder & E.H. Wilson.) along an altitudinal gradient


CZERNIAWSKI R. - Spatial pattern of potamozooplankton community of the slowly flowing fishless stream in relation to abiotic and biotic factors


EJSMONT-KARABIN J. - The usefulness of zooplankton as lake ecosystem indicators: Rotifer Trophic State Index


DUKOWSKA M., MICHAŁOWICZ J., GRZYBKOWSKA M. - Influence of natural organic matter and metal accumulation in sediment on riverine macrobenthic assemblages


JAKUBIK B. - Invertebrate reproduction in astatic water bodies: egg number - body weight relationship in Viviparus viviparus(L.) from oxbow lakes


LIU R.-T., ZHAO H.-L., ZHAO X.-Y. - Influence of grazing exclusion on soil macro--invertebrate diversity in degraded sandy grassland (Inner Mongolia, China)


STOJKOVIČ B., ŠEŠLIJA JOVANOVIČ D., TUCIČ N. - Transgenerational effects on overall fitness: influence of larval feeding experience on the oviposition behaviour of seed beetle Acanthoscelides obtectus (Say)

  MIKUŠKA A., KRČMAR S., RADOVIČ A., MIKUŠKA T. - The influence of temperature, precipitation and floods on the development of horse fly populations (Tabanidae) in the alluvial habitats of the Danube River in Croatia

KIM S., SRYGLEY R.B., LEE J.Y., LEE S., CHOE J.C. - Urban and natural components of Korean magpie (Pica pica sericea) territories and their effects on prey density


ALBAYRAK T., GIANNATOS G., KABASAKAL B. - Carnivore and ungulate populations in the Beydaglari Mountains (Antalya, Turkey): border region between Asia and Europe