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  CYCOŃ M., PIOTROWSKA-SEGET Z. - Effect of selected pesticides on soil microflora involved in organic matter and nitrogen transformations: pot experiment


  MUDRYK Z.J., PODGÓRSKA B. - Culturable microorganisms in sandy beaches in south Baltic Sea
  SCHIEBER B. - Changes of flowering phenology of six herbal species in a beech forest (Central Slovakia): a decade analysis


  OLEKSYN J., KLOEPPEL B.D., ŁUKASIEWICZ S., KAROLEWSKI P., REICH P.B. - Ecophysiology of horse-chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.) in degraded and restored urban sites


  SZAREK-ŁUKASZEWSKA G., GRODZIŃSKA K. - Vegetation of a post-mining open pit (Zn/Pb ores): three-year study of colonization


  NINEMETS E., SAARSE L. - Fine-resolution pollen-based evidences of farming and forest development, South-Eastern Estonia
  KRIŠTÍN A., KAŇUCH P., SÁROSSY M. - Did the northern range of distribution of two tropical orthopterans (Insecta) change recently?
  PURCHART L., KULA E. - Content of heavy metals in bodies of field ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) - relations to selected ecological factors
  OLEKSA A., ULRICH W., GAWROŃSKI R. - Host tree preferences of hermit beetles (Osmoderma eremita Scop., Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in a network of rural avenues in Poland
  JAKUBIK B. - Egg number-female body weight relationship in freshwater snail (Viviparus viviparus L.) population in a reservoir
  KRASZEWSKI A., ZDANOWSKI B. - Sinanodonta woodiana (Lea, 1834) (Mollusca) - a new mussel species in Poland: occurrence and habitat preferences in a heated lake system
  PENCZAK T. - Can velocity affect growth and fecundity of facultative riverine fish species?
  HETMAŃSKI T. - The timing of fledging and annual post-fledging survival of juvenile Feral Pidgeons (Columbia livia) in a city area (NW Poland) .
  MAZGAJSKI T.D. - Effect of old nest material in nestboxes on ectoparasites abundance and reproductive output in the European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris L.)
  KUFEL L., PASZTALENIEC A., CZAPLA G., STRZAŁEK M. - Constitutive allelochemicals from Stratiotes aloides L. affect both biomass and community structure of phytoplankton
  SERES A. - Collembola (Insecta) disperse the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in soil: pot experiment
  DIAZ-MAROTO I.J., VILA-LAMEIRO P. - Natural forests of Quercus robur L. in Northwest Spain - main properties of soils .