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Regular research papers


Demková K., Mida P. – Classification of the non-forest woody vegetation and its relation to habitat conditions: case study from White Carpathians (Western Slovakia)

  Meng L.-H., Wang Y., Luo J., Yang Y.-P., Duan T.-W. – The trade-off and altitudinal variation inseed weght-number in Sinopodophyllum haxandrum (Royle) Ying (Berberidaceae) populations from the Hengduan Mts

He Y., Liu X., Xie Z. – Shrub effects of herbaceous vegetation vary with developmental phases and herb relative location


Kufel L., Rymuza K. – Comparing effect of phytoplankton and a charophyte on calcite precipitation in lake water: experimental approach


Ozkan K., Berger U. – Predicting the potential distribution of plant diversity in the Yakarigókdere forest district of the Mediteranean region


Kwiatkowska-Falińska A., Jankowska-Blaszczyk M., Jaroszewicz B. – Post-fire changes of soil seed banks in the Elary succesionsl stage of pine forest


KUKLOVÁ M., KUKLA J., ŠIMKOVÁ I. – The changes of energy and carbon in top soil and above-ground part of Dryopteris filix-mas (Pteridophyta) species along the succession of beech forest


Xu P., Zhang X., Zhao C., Chen L., Cao X., Yao B., Deng J. – Foliar responses of Abie fargesii Franch, to altitude in the Taibai Mts, China


Xu M.-H., Peng F., You Q.-G., Guo J., Tian X.-F., Liu M., Hue X. – Initial effects of experimental warming on temperatore,moisture and vegetation characteristics in an alpine meadow on the Qinghaj-Tibetan Plateau Myœliwy M. – Habitat preferences


Myœliwy M. – Habitat preferences of some neophytes with a reference to habitat disturbances


HUTOROWICZ A., PASZTALENIEC A. – Phytoplankton Metric of ecological status assessment for PolishLlakes (PMPL):and its performance along nutrient gradients


Baláži P., Hrivnák R., Ot’ahelová H. – The relationship between macrophyte assemblage and selected environmental variables in reservoirs of Slovakia examined for the purpose of ecological assessment

  Obolewski K., Glinska-Lewczuk K., Strzelczak A., Burandi P. – Effects of floodplain Lake restoration on macroinvertegrate assemblages : a case study of the lowland River (River Słupia, N. Poland)

Tarkowska-Kukuryk M. – Effects of lake transparency on diversity of microhabitats for chironomid communities

  Stašiov S., Hazuchová L., Svitok M., Viclan V., Koćik K. – Milipede (Diplopoda) communities in agricultural landscape: influence of management form