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Regular research papers


UDDIN F.M.J., ASEADA T., RADSHID M.H. - Large-scale changes of the forestation in river channel below the dams in Southern African rivers: assessment using Google Earth Images

  FESCENKO A., NIKOMEDUS O., BRUMELIS G. - Past and contemporary changes in forest cover and forest continuity in relation to soils (Southern Latvia)

ZHONG M., WANG J., LIU K., WU R., LIU Y., WEI X., PAN D., SHAO X. - Leaf morphology shift of three dominant species along altitudinal gradient in an alpine meadow of the Quinghai – Tibetan Plateau


MOSZKOWICZ Ł. - Relationship between plant species richness and age of woodland patches (Ojców National Park, Poland)


JIANG L., LAN Z., LIU G., KARDOL P. - Interactive effects of nitrogen and water addition on competitive hierarchies between early- and late-successional plant species


JAKUBAS E., GABKA M., JONIAK T. - Factors determining the distribution of rheophil and protected Hildenbrandia rivularis(Liebman) J. Agardh 1851, the Rhodophyta freshwater species in lowland ecosystems


PUKACZ A., PEŁECHATY M., FRANKOWSKI M. - Carbon dynamics in hardwater lake: effect of charophyte biomass on carbonates deposition


KOSTRAKIEWICZ-GIERAŁT K. - Are Deschampsia caespitosa (L.) Beauv. tussocks safe for seedling recruitment in the succession of wet meadows?


PIWOWARCZYK R., JANKOWSKA-BŁASZCZUK M. - Intra-specific diversity of seed productivity and morphological features in parasitic species Orobanche bartlingii Griseb. (Orobanchaceae)


KAPPES H., KOPEĆ D., SULIKOWSKA-DROZD A. - Influence of habitat structure and conditions in floodplain forests on mollusc assemblages


ZIKA T., ŠALEK M., HOLÁ M., HANZAL V., HART V., KUŠTA T., JEŽEK M. - Age structure and reproduction rates of the ring-necked pheasant (Phasianus colchicus L.) population in agriculture landscape (Czech Republic)


ZIELIŇSKI J., LIK M. -­ Effect of parental care on depredation of Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla L. nests: an experiment with artificial clutches

  LEI J., XU H., CUI P., GUANG Q, DING H. – The potential effects of climate change on suitable habitat for the Sichuan Hill Partridge (Arborophila rufipectus, Boulton) based on the maximum entropy modeling

SOLSKÝ M., VOJAR J., SMOLOVÁ D., DOLEŽALOVÁ J., ŠEBKOVÁ K. - Clutch size variation in agile frog Rana dalmatica on post-mining areas


Short research contributions


KOPIJ G., SYMES C.T., BRUYNS R. - Dietary overlap of co-occurring Barn owl, Tyto alba Scopoli and Spoted eagle owl, Buboafricanus Temnick in urban and rural environments


TOBOLKA M. - Importance of juvenile mortality in birds' population: early postfledging mortality and causes of death in White storks Ciconia ciconia


GALLÉ R., KANIZSAIL O., ÁCA V., MOLNÁR B.- Functioning of ecotones-spiders and ants of edges between native and non-native forest plantations


EJSMONT-KARABIN J. - Rotifer invasion? On appearance and abundance of tropical species in lakes of North-Eastern Poland