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  Alan P. COVICH - Dispersal - limited biodiversity of tropical insular streams
  Francesca GHERARDI - Bioinvasions in fresh waters and the nero dilemma
  Jonathan GREY - The use of stable isotope analyses in freshwater ecology: current awareness
  Jan KOZLOWSKI - Why life histories are diverse
  Winfried LAMPERT - Daphnia : model herbivore, predator and prey
  Lennart PERSSON, André M. De ROOS - Size-structured interactions and the dynamics of aquatic systems
  Thomas WEISSE - Biodiversity of freshwater microorganisms - achievements, problems, and perspectives
  Paul G. BECHER, Friedrich JÜTTNER - Insecticidal activity - a new bioactive property of the cyanobacterium fischerella
  Anna BEDNARSKA - Adaptive changes in morphology of daphnia filter appendages in response to food stress
  Małgorzata GRZESIUK, Andrzej MIKULSKI - The effect of salinity on freshwater crustaceans
  Simone D. LANGHANS, Scott D. TIEGS, Urs UEHLINGER, Klement TOCKNER - Environmental heterogeneity controls organic? matter dynamics in river-floodplain ecosystems
  Federico MARRONE - The microcrustacean fauna of sicily and the central mediterranean sea area - current knowledge and gaps to be filled
  Laura MARZIALI, Valeria LENCIONI, Bruno ROSSARO - Adaptations of pupae of chironomidae (insecta: diptera) to oxygen-poor habitats
  John F. O'DRISCOLL, Simon S.C. HARRISON, Paul S. GILLER - Do trees make a difference? An evaluation of the impact of riparian vegetation on the ecology of nutrient poor headwater streams
  Zeynep PEKCAN-HEKIM, Anne LILJENDAHL-NURMINEN, Jukka HORPPILA - Chaoborus flavicans in the food web - competitor or resource for fish?
  Barbara PIETRZAK, Miroslaw SLUSARCZYK - The fate of the ephippia - daphnia dispersal in time and space
  Alena ŠTROJSOVÁ, Jaroslav VRBA - Phytoplankton extracellular phosphatases: investigation using the elf (enzyme labelled fluorescence) technique