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Regular research papers


Masoud MASOUDI, Esmail AMIRI - A new model for hazard evaluation of vegetation degradation using DPSIR framework, a case study: Sadra Region, Iran

  Giacomo PUGLIELLI, Maria Fiore CRESCENTE, Anna Rita FRATTAROLI, Loretta GRATANI. - Morphological, anatomical and physiological leaf trait plasticity of Sesleria nitida (Poaceae) in open vs shaded conditions

Teresa SKRAJNA, Helena KUBICKA, Maria LUGOWSKA. - Morphological and genetic diversity of Isopyrum thalictroides L. (Ranunculaceae) populations of isolated forest fragments of different sizes in East Central Poland


Jianqiang QIAN, Carlos Alberto BUSSO, Zhengwen WANG, Zhimin LIU - Ramet recruitment from different bud types along a grassland degradation gradient in Inner Mongolia, China


Jiajie CAO, Honghua RUAN - Elodeid species as nursery beds for the successful seed restoration of Vallisneria spiralis L.


Shan-Shan WANG, Xi CHEN, Ke-Fa ZHOU, Quan WANG - Adaptive strategy to drought conditions: diurnal variation in water use of a Central Asian desert shrub


Mao WANG, Pengcheng WAN, Yongfu CHAI, Yaoxin GUO, Xiaofei ZHANG, Ming YUE - Adaptative strategy of leaf traits to drought conditions: Quercus aliena var. acuteserrata forest (The Qinling Mts. China)


Yuqiang LI, Xueyong ZHAO, Shaokun WANG, Fengxia ZHANG, Jie LIAN, Wenda HUANG, Wei MAO. - Carbon accumulation in the bulk soil and different soil fractions during the rehabilitation of desertified grassland in Horqin Sandy Land (Northern China)


Fei FANG, Yu-Kun HU, Yan-Ming GONG, Hai-Ping TANG, - Soil organic carbon of different decomposition rate and its relation to microbial activity in saline-alkali desert ecosystem


Waldemar SIUDA, Bartosz KIERSZTYN - Urea in lake ecosystem: the origin, concentration and distribution in relation to trophic state of The Great Mazurian Lakes (Poland)


Marek ČILIAK, Tomáš ČEJKA, Jozef ŠTEFFEK. - Molluscan diversity in stream driftwood: relation to land use and river section


Eliza SZCZERKOWSKA-MAJCHRZAK, Maria GRZYBKOWSKA ­ Effects of hydrological disturbance of different magnitude on riverine habitats and benthic invertebrates


Jerzy KARG, Krzysztof KUJAWA, Christof MANHART, Heinz MARSCHALEK, Klaus R. NEUGEBAUER, Jens SACHTELEBEN ­ Restoration of subalpine species-rich grasslands: short-term vs long-term changes in the density and diversity of above-ground insects


Robert GWIAZDA, Grzegorz NEUBAUER, Jacek BETLEJA, Łukasz BEDNARZ, Magdalena ZAGALSKA-NEUBAUER - Reproductive parameters of Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans Pallas, 1811 in different habitats nearby and away fish ponds