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  Special section  
  Interspecific relationships on different levels of biological organization: vascular plants and the 'smaller brothers' - (guest edito: Bożenna Czarnecka)


  Budziszewska J., Szypuła W. - Influence of site conditions on the diversity of endophytic fungi of fir clubmoss Huperzia selago(L.) Bernh. ex. Schrank et Mart.
  Sawilska A.K., Jendrzejczak E., Kieliszewska-Rokicka B. - Influence of mycorrhiza on the growth and flowering in cultivated plants of Helichrysum arenarium ( L.) Moench (Asteraceae)
  Sugier P., Czarnecka B. - Vascular plants versus mosses in lakeland and riverine mires in two regions of eastern Poland
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  Regular research papers  
  Haberman J., Haldna M., Laugaste R., Blank K. - Recent changes in large and shallow Lake Peipsi ( Estonia/Russia): causes and consequences
  Pawlik-Skowrońska B., Kornijów R., Pirszel J. - Sedimentary imprint of cyanobacterial blooms: a new tool for insight into recent history of lakes
  Antonowicz J., Trojanowski J. - Surface microlayer in eutrophic lake: variability in heavy metals contents
  Wu F., Yu Z., Wei X., Deng J., Li T., Zhao C., Wang G. - Relationship between groundwater depth and pattern of net primary production in oasis-desert ecotone
  Szoszkiewicz K., Kayzer D., Staniszewski R., Dawson F.H. - Measures of central tendency of aquatic habitat parametres: application to river macrophyte communities
  Luo Y., Zhao X., Zuo X., Zhang J., Liu R., Wang S. - Leaf nitrogen resorption pattern along habitats of semi-arid sandy land  with different nitrogen status
  Liu L., Wu Y., Wu N., Xu J., Mao Y., Luo F., Zhang L. - Effects of freezing and freeze-thaw cycles on soil microbial biomass and nutrient dynamics under different snow gradients in an alpine meadow

Mieczan T. - Vertical microzonation of testate amoebae and ciliates in peatbog waters in relation to physical and chemical parameters

  Dąbrowska- Prot E., Wasiłowska A. - Ecological importance of meadow patches in protected forest area: floristic diversity and the distribution of insect communities
  Oleszczuk M., Ulikowska M., Kujawa K. - Effect of distance from forest edge on the distribution and diversity of spider webs In adjacent maize field
  Fuszara E., Fuszara M., Kowalski M., Lesiński G., Cygan J.P., Nitkiewicz T., Szarlik A., Wojtowicz B. - Population changes in Natterer's bat Myotis nattereri and Daubenton's bat M. daubentonii in winter roosts of central Poland
  Gwiazda R., Amirowicz A. - Towards the optimal foraging strategy: is seasonal shift in the diet of Cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo ( L.) in a dam resiervoir the effect of water temperature or size pattern in fish assemblages?
  Short research contributions  
  Czechowski W., Vepsäläinen K. - Replacement of species in wood and colonies artificially established on islands in southern Finland
  Research notes  
  Zhou X., Hao Y. - Effect of 5 years long cessation of grazing on methane uptake in a semi-arid grassland
  Wuczyński A. - Winter breeding by the Blackbird Turdus merula L. during harsh weather conditions