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Special paper

  Zhu Q., Jiang H., Liu J., Peng C., Fang X., Yu S., Zhou G., Wei X., Ju W. - Forecasting carbon budget under climate change and CO2 fertilization for subtropical region in China using Integrated Biosphere Simulator (IBIS) model
  Regular research papers  
  Li N., Wang G.-X., Gao Y.-H., Wang J.-F. - Warming effects on plant growth, soil nutrients, microbial biomass and soil enzymes activities of two alpine meadows in Tibetan Plateau
  Wang W., Niu J., Zhou X., Wang Y. - Long-term change in land management from subtropical wetland to paddy field shifts soil microbial community structure as determined by PLFA and T-RFLP
  Wehenkel C., Corral-Rivas J.J., Hernández-Díaz J.C. - Genetic diversity in relation to secondary succession of forest tree communities
  Feng Y., Ma K., Zhang Y., Anand M., He K. - Species abundance-distribution relationship: the differences among oak (Quercus liaotungensis Koidz) forest layers
  Obidziński A., Orczewska A., Cieloszczyk P. - The impact of beavers' (Castor fiber L.) lodges on vascular plant species diversity in forest landscape
  Orczewska A., Fernes M. - Migration of herb layer species into the poorest post-agricultural pine woods adjacent to ancient pine forests
  Zhu D., Chen H., Wu N., Wang Y., Luo P. - Winter methane emission from an alpine open fen on Tibetan Plateau
  Dolnik C., Peyrat J., Volodina A., Sokolov A. - Neophytic Coripsermum pallasii (Stev.) (Chenopodiaceae) invading migrating dunes of the southern coast of the Baltic Sea
  Zhang R., Gou X., Bai Y., Zhao J., Chen L., Song X., Wang G. - Biomass fraction of graminoids and forbs in N-limited alpine grasslands: N:P stoichiometry

Catorci A., Ottaviani G., Ballelli S., Cesaretti S. - Functional differentiation of Central Apennine grasslands under mowing and grazing disturbance regimes

  Li P.-X., Krüsi B.O., Li L.-S., Cai X.-H., Yu F.-H. - Can Potentilla fruticosa Linn. shrubs facilitate the herb layer of heavily grazed pasture on the eastern Tibetan Plateau?
  Tarkowska-Kukuryk M. - Composition and distribution of epiphytic midges (Diptera: Chironomidae) in relation to emergent macrophytes cover in shallow lakes
  Koperski P., Dumnicka E., Galas J. - Abiotic parameters determining fauna composition in karstic springs
  Jurkiewicz-Karnkowska E. - Effects of habitat conditions on the diversity and abundance of molluscs in floodplain water bodies of different permanence of flooding
  Short research contributions  
  Jakubas D. - The influence of climate conditions on breeding phenology of the Grey Heron Ardea cinerea L. in northern Poland
  Kalinowska K., Gorelysheva Z., Ejsmont-Karabin J. - Psammon algae: composition and spatial distribution in hygroarenal of eutrophic lake
  Ejsmont-Karabin J. - Does invasion of Vallisneria spiralis L. promote appearance of rare and new rotifer (Rotifera) species in littoral of the lakes heated by power station (Konin lakes, W. Poland)?