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Regular research papers

  MASRAHI Y.S., AL-YEMENI M.N., AL-TURKI T.A., SAYED O.H. - Ecophysiological mechanisms of succulent survival in natural conditions: photosynthetic carbon fixation in Caralluma acutangula (Decne. N.E.Br.) (Asclepiadaceae)
  DU Y., CUI X., CAO G., ZHAO X., YANG G. - Simulating N2O emission from Kobresia humilis Serg. alpine meadow on Tibetan Plateau with the DNDC model
  WANG J.-C., SHI X., YIN L.-K., ZHANG D.-Y. - Role of clonal integration in life strategy of sandy dune plant, Eremosparton songoricum (Litv.) Vass (Fab aceae): experimental
  LIU Z., LI K., CAI Y., FANG Y. - Correlation between leafing phenology and traits: woody species of evergreen broad-leaved forests in subtropical China
  GÜNER Ş.T., ÖZKAN K. , ÇÖMEZ A. - Key factors in the site selection of Rosa canina (L.) - applying the Generalized Additive Model
  CATORCI A. ,VITANZI A., TARDELLA F.M., HRŠAK V. - Regeneration of Ostrya carpinifolia Scop. forest after coppicing: modelling of changes in species diversity and composition
  WANG Y., BAO W., WU N. - Effects of Salix sphaeronymphe Görz shrubs on herbaceous community in forest secondary succession (Tibetan Plateau) .
  LI Y., BAO W., WU N. - Soil seed bank and extant vegetation of a dry valley
  SZYMURA T.H., SZYMURA M. - Soil properties and light availability determine species richness and vegetation diversity in an overgrown coppice oak stand
  MACIEJEWSKI Z., SZWAGRZYK J. - Long-term changes in stand composition of natural forest associations on the Roztocze Highlands (Eastern Poland)

AVEL-NIINEMETS E., PENSA M., PORTSMUTH A. - Distribution of testate amoebae along a gradient hummock-lawn-hollow in a Sphagnum-bog: potential implications for palaeoecological reconstructions

  EJSMONT-KARABIN J., HUTOROWICZ A. - Rotifera communities associated with invasive Vallisneria spiralis L. (Hydrocharitaceae) versus native macrophytes in the lakes heated by power stations (Konin lakes, W. Poland)
  VIDAKOVIĆ J., PALIJAN G., ČERBA D. - Relationship between nematode community and biomass and composition of periphyton developing on artificial substrates in floodplain lake
  HALAREWICZ A., JACKOWSKI J. - Leaf damage of the Black Cherry, Prunus serotina Ehrh., by the leaf beetle, Gonioctena quinquepunctata Fabr.: an accidental foraging on a neophytic host, or an established trophic link?
  SZENTGYÖRGYI H., BLINOV A., EREMEEVA N., LUZYANIN S., GREŚ I.M., WOYCIECHOWSKI M. - Bumblbebees (Bombidae) along pollution gradient - heavy metal accumulation, species diversity, and Nosema bombi infection level
  LESIŃSKI G., OLSZEWSKI A., POPCZYK B. - Forest roads used by commuting and foraging bats in edge and interior zones
  Short research contributions  
  WU G.-L., TIAN F.-P., REN G.-H., LIU Z.-H. - Seed mass increase along altitude within four Saussurea (Asteraceae) species in Tibetian Plateau
  URBAN-MALINGA B. - Free-living interstitial Plathelminthes of the Baltic sea: diversity and abundance
  KOPECKÝ O., VOJAR J., ŠUSTA F., REHÁK I. - Non-prey items in stomachs of Alpine newts (Mesotriton alpestris, Laurenti)