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  Regular research papers  
  TOPOROWSKA M., PAWLIK-SKOWROŃSKA B., KRUPA D., KORNIJÓW R. - Winter versus summer blooming of phytoplankton in a shallow lake: effect of hypertrophic conditions
  GĄBKA M., OWSIANY P.M., BURCHARDT L. - The influence of co-occurring vegetation and habitat variables on distribution of rare charophyte species Lychnothamnus barbatus (Meyen) in lakes of Western Poland
  FALIŃSKA K., LEMBICZ M., JARMOŁOWSKI A., BORKOWSKA L. - Patterns of genetic diversity in populations of Filipendula ulmaria (L.) at different stages of succession on a meadow abandoned for 30 years
  HOSSEINI S.M., RAOUHI-MOGHADDAM E., EBRAHIMI E., RAHMANI A., TABARI M. - Growth and nutrition of restoredQuercus castaneifolia C.A. Mey versus native Celtis australis L. tree species: conservation perspectives of Hyrcanian forest (Iran)
  ŐZKAN K., GŰLSOY S. - Ecological land classification and mapping based on vegetationenvironment hierarchical analysis - a case study of Buldan forest district (Turkey)
  ŠERÁ B. - Road-side herbaceous vegetation: life history groups and habitat preferences
  WU G-L., LIU Z-H. - Trade-off of sexual and asexual recruitment in a dominant weed Ligularia virgaurea (Maxim.) in alpine grasslands (China)
  KRAM K. - Modification of the atmospheric load of elements during passage through foliaged canopies of five tree species of temperate zone forests
  AN H., SHANGGUAN Z. - Leaf stoichiometric trait and specific leaf area of dominant species in the secondary succession of the Loess Plateau
  DU Y., CAO G., DENG Y., SUN G., CUI X. - Contribution of the vegetation layers in the nitrous oxide emission from alpineKobresia humulis Serg. meadow ecosystem on the Tibetan Plateau
  SHI F., CHEN H., WU Y., WU N. - Effects of livestock exclusion on vegetation and soil properties under two topographic habitats in an alpine meadow on the eastern Quinghai- Tibetan Plateau

MIECZAN T. - Effect of vegetation patchiness and site factors on distribution and diversity of testate amoebae and ciliates in peatbogs

  DVOŘÁČKOVÁ K., KULFAN J., ZACH P. - Does the behavior of spruce caterpillars improve the effect of their crypticity?
  YU H., ZHAO X., YUE P., SUN P. - Chemical communication in mammal population: urinary olfactory chemosignals in lactating female root voles (Microtus oeconomus Pallas)
  TANG L., ZHANG T., LIN G., SU J. - Phylogenetic discontinuity of Plateau zokor (Myospalax baileyi Thomas) populations in Quinghai-Tibetan Plateau
  Short research contribution  
  WALCZAK M., SWIONTEK BRZEZINSKA M. - Phylogenetic diversity and abundance of bacteria from surface microlayer and subsurface water in eutrophic lake
  NADOLSKI J., BAŃBURA J. - A method for simple assessment of cold sensitivity in insects
  TARKAN A.S., LAPPALAINEN J., NURMINEN L., HORPPILA J. - Life history strategies of fish: patterns in growth and lifespan of rudd Scardinius erythrophthalmus (L.) in Europe
  ŻMIHORSKI M., LEWTAK J., BRZEZIŃSKI M., ROMANOWSKI J. - Nest survival in a large river valley: an experiment using artificial nests on an island and bank of Vistula River (Poland)