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  Regular research papers  
  Burkowska A., Walczak M., Donderski W. - The impact of UV radiation on metabolism of neustonic and planktonic bacteria in eutrophic lake
  Szmeja J., Bociąg K., Merdalski M. - Effect of light competition with filamentous algae on the population dynamics and development of the moss species Warnstorfia exannulata in a softwater lake
  Tu W-G., Gao X-F., Wu N., Liu S-H. - Altitudinal patterns of vascular plant richness in high mountains - applying of Generative Additive Model
  Tang M., Yu F-H., Jin X-B., Ge S. - High genetic diversity in the naturally rare plant Taihangia rupestris Yü et Li (Rosaceae) dwelling only cliff faces
  Marciniuk J., Marciniuk P., Rymuza K. - Effects of site conditions on sexual dimorphism and sex ratio in lowland populations ofAruncus sylvestris Kostel. (Rosaceae)
  Iszkuło G. - Success and failure of endangered tree species: low temperatures and low light availability affect survival and growth of European yew (Taxus baccata L.) seedlings
  Boratyński A., Marcysiak K., Lewandowska A., Jasińska A., Iszkuło G. - Interrelations among con-generic and co-occurring tree species: asymmetric hybridization and the high success of Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. regeneration in mixed Q. petreae/Q. robur L. stands
  Kopeć M., Zarzycki J., Gondek K. - Species diversity of submontane grasslands: effects of topographic and soil factors
  Orczewska A. - Colonization capacity of herb woodland species in fertile, recent alder woods adjacent to ancient forest sites
  Hou Y., Luo Z., Jenerette G.D., Qiao Y., Wang K. - Effects of elevated CO2 and temperature on growth and morphology of fir (Abies faxoniana, Rehd. e t Wils.) and native herbs in a treeline ecotone: an experimental approach
  Kalinowska K., Ejsmont-Karabin J., Rybak J.I. - The role of lake shore sand deposits as bank of ciliate, rotifer and crustacean resting forms: experimental approach

Gallé R., Torma A., Körmöczi L. - Small-scale effect of habitat heterogeneity on invertebrate assemblages in sandy grasslands (Hungarian Great Plain)

  Pastuchová Z., Grešková A., Lehotsky M. - Spatial distribution pattern of macroinvertebrates in relation to morphohydraulic habitat structure: perspectives for ecological stream assessment
  Růžička V., Zacharda M. - Variation and diversity of spider assemblages along a thermal gradient in scree slopes and adjacent cliffs
  Meissner W., Żołkoś K. - Does the Magpie Pica pica (L.) prefer poplars as a nesting tree in the urban environment?
  Short research contribution  
  Wielgat-Rychert M., Rychert K., Ficek D. - Factors controlling pelagic production and respiration in a shallow polymictic lake
  Kubacka J., Żmihorski M., Mirski P., Rejt Ł. - Central-place foraging in an urban landscape: body mass of common voles (Microtus arvalis Pall.) caught by breeding Kestrels (Falco tinnunculus L.) is positively correlated with availability of hunting sites
  Research notes  
  Uzun A., Kopij G. - Effect of colony edge on the clutch size and fledging success in the Little Egret Egretta garzetta (L.)
  Barja I., de Miguel F.J. - Chemical communication in large carnivores: urine-marking frequencies in captive tigers and lions