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  Special paper  
  Rzepecki M. - Phosphorus dynamics in lacustrine sediments: contents and structural fractions in relation to lake trophic state and chemical composition of bottom deposits
  Regular research papers  
  Bodesmo M., Romano B., Pacicco L., Cagiotti M.R., Ranfa A. - Changes in land use in an historical area of Central Italy over twenty years: the use of environmental indicators
  Palijan G. - Different impact of flood dynamics on the development of culturable planktonic and biofilm bacteria in floodplain lake
  Peng Y-L., Wu N., Gao X-F., Fang Z-Q., Xiao W-Y. - Soil seed banks in lakeshore wetlands: relation to the extant vegetation
  Akbar K.F., Hale W.H.G., Headley A.D. - Evaluation of conservation status of roadside verges and their vegetation in North England
  Wu G-L., Li W., Du G-Z. - Effects of seed mass and light on seedling success in Artemisia sieviersiana Willd in the Tibetan Plateau
  Mróz L., Demczuk M. - Contents of phenolics and chemical elements in bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) leaves from copper smelter area (SW Poland) .
  Wódkiewicz M., Kwiatkowska-Falińska A. - Small-scale spatial pattern of a seed bank in old-growth decidous forest
  Wang K., Shao R., Shangguan Z. - Changes in species richness and community productivity during succession on the Loess Plateau (China)
  Czarnecka J., Kitowski I. - Seed dispersal by the Rook (Corvus frugilegus L.) in agricultural landscape - mechanisms and ecological importance
  Fischer Z., Pachowska M., Tomala K. - Interactions between the moisture and activity of soil and the biomass of vegetation and invertebrates in non-grazed Siberian steppe (Russia)
  Růžička V., Mlejnek R., Šmilauer P. - Local diversity versus geographical distribution of arthropods occurring in sandstone rock labyrinth

Albayrak T., Bairlein F., Erdogan A. - Habitat parameters and breeding density of Krűper's Nuthatch Sitta krueperi Pelzeln in Southern Turkey

  Lee S., Choi J., Jabłoński P.G., Choe J.C. - Parental provisioning in response to natural variation of brood size in the Black-billed magpie (Pica pica L.): video analysis of behaviors in
the nests
  Lin G., Ci H., Thirgood S.J., Zhang T., Su J. - Genetic variation and molecular evolution of endangered Kozlov's pika (Ochotona koslovi Büchner) based on mitochondrial cytochrome b gene
  Purahong W., Lerstaveesin P., Ampornpan L. - Succession of fungi associated with decomposition of leaf litter in tropical evergreen forest (North-eastern Thailand)
  Paušič I., Škornik S., Culiberg M., Kaligarič M. - Weed diversity in cottage building material used in 19th century: past and present of the plant occurrence
  Zalewski M., Ciurzycki W. - Does genome size explain rarity in beetles? The case from Coccinelidae and Chrysomelidae families
  Krajewska A., Mizera T. - Changes in breeding populations of six farmland bird species in Western Poland between 1987 and 2007
  Redolfi De Zan L., Battisti C., Carpaneto G.M. - Effect of spring water stress induced by fishery farming on two duck speciesAnas platyrhynchos L. and A. crecca L. in a Mediterranean wetland
  Research notes  
  Dolenec Z, Dolenec P. - Response of the Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla L.) to temperature change