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Regular research papers


Lui J.-B. Zhang Y.-Q., Wu B., Qin S.-G., Lai Z.-R. - Changes in soil organic carbon and its density fractions after shrub-planting for desertification control

  Bo T., Cammarata M., Lółpez-Rodri­guez M.J., Tierno de Figueroa J.M., Fenoglio S. - Leaf litter decomposition and invertebrate colonization in Alpine environments above the tree line: an experimental study

Luo M., Mao L., Guo Z. - Leaf nitrogen and phosphorus stoichiometry of plants from natural and restorable communities at lands used for Qinghai-Tibet Highway Construction, China


An H., Li G. - Differential effects of grazing on plant functional traits in the desert grassland


Wieczorek A., Achrem M., Mitka J.R., Rogalski M., Werczyńska K. - Genetic variability of the populations of Zwackhia viridis(Ach.) Poetsch & Schied (Roccellaceae, Lichenized Ascomycetes) in the Eastern Poland: geographical versus habitat distance


Xu Z., Peng H., Abdulsalih N. - Predicting current and future invasion of Solidago canadensis; a study from China


Simon J., Machar I., Buĉek A. - Linking the historical research with the growth simulation model of hardwood floodplain forests


Kostrakiewicz-Gierałt K. - The effect of neighboring plant height, disturbance level and gap size on spontaneous recruitment of large-seeded and small-seeded species in Molinietum caeruleae meadows


Kostrakiewicz-Gierałt K. - The variability of selected features of Gladiolus imbricatus L. in relation to successive stages of meadow communities following the mowing cessation


Mieczan T. - Differentiation of microbial loop components in small anthropogenic reservoirs


Jakubik B., Koperski P., Lewandowski K. - Diversity of Mollusca in lowland river-lake system; lentic versus lotic patches

  Ćiković D., Barišić S., Tutiš V., Krali J. - Properties of microhabitat used for nesting by Great Spotted WoodpeckerDendrocopus major L. in Croatia

Morelli F., Pruscini F., Santolini R. - Habitat preferences and spatial overlap between three species of bunting (Emberiza hortulana, Emberiza cirlus, Militaria calandra) in farmlands of Central Italy

  Barja I., List R. - The role of spatial distribution of faeces in coyote scent marking behavior

Short research contributions

  Catorci A., Piermarteri K., Tardella F.M. - Distribution of the nurse species ycnophyllum molle J.Rémy and P. weberbaueriMuschl. in the Andean dry puna (Arequipa district - Southern Peru): role of topographic/soil variability and disturbance regime