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Regular research papers


LIU Y., ZHANG H., YANG X., WANG Y., WANG X., CAI Y. – Identifying priority areas for the conservation of ecosystem services using GIS-based multicriteria evaluation

  CHMURA D. – Impact of alien tree species Quercus rubra L. on understorey habitat and flora: a study of the Silesian Upland (Southern Poland)
  KOSIŃSKI I. – Causes of variation in generative reproduction of Polygonatum odoratum (Miller) Druce in N-Poland populations

ARDUINI I., ORLANDI C., MARIOTTI M., MASONI A. – Seed banks and forest recruitment after disturbance: the composition and abundance of seed after clear-cut of stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) plantations


PICHLEROVÁ M., HOMOLÁK M., PICHLER V., KURJAK D., JALOVIAR P. – Importance of coarse woody debris (CWD) for moisture control and survival of Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst.) seedlings


GONG G-Q., HUANG Z-L., YE W-H., CAO H-L., LIAN J-Y., LIN G-J., WEI S-G., LI L., BIN Y., KONG B., LI B-W. – Topographic differences play a limited role on species distribution in a sub-tropical forest in South China


HEGAZY A.K., KABIEL H.F., ALATAR A.A., LOVETT-DOUST J. – Plasticity in dynamics and hygrochastic persistence inAnastatica hierochuntica (Brassicaceae) populations under simulated rainfall treatments


CATORCI A., CESARETTI S., GATTI R. – Effect of long-term abandonment and spring grazing on floristic and functional composition of dry grasslands in a Central Apennine farmland


KOSTRAKIEWICZ-GIERAŁT K. – The impact of disturbance gradient on recruitment of clonal plant species in Molinietum caeruleae meadows


PĘCZUŁA W. – Habitat factors accompanying the mass appearance of nuisance, invasive and alien algal speciesGonyostomum semen (Ehr.) Diesing in humic lakes of Eastern Poland


SKUBAŁA P., MARZEC A. – Importance of different types of beech dead wood for soil microarthropod fauna


EJSMONT-KARABIN J., KARABIN A.† – The suitability of zooplankton as lake ecosystem indicator; Crustacean trophic state index


KRUMPÁLOVÁ Z., TUF I.H. – Circadian rhythms of ground living spiders: mechanisms of coexistence strategy based on the body size

  JADCZYK P., DRZENIECKA-OSIADACZ A. – Feeding strategy of wintering rooks Corvus frugilegus L. in urban habitats

ROMANOWSKI J. – Detection of otter (Lutra lutra L.) signs in a survey of Central and Eastern Poland: methodological implications

  Short research contributions  
  PAN C-C., LIU L-D., ZHAO H-L., HOU Y-L., ZHANG L. – Pollination strategy of Hedysarum scoparium Fisch et Mey (Fabaceae) in a dry habitat measured with pollination effectiveness and pollinator importance

SPYRA A., KRODKIEWSKA M. – The significance of woodland ponds in the conservation of rare species: a case study ofPlacobdella costata (F. Müller) (Hirudinida: Glossiphonidae)