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Wioletta Tomaszewska

Warszawa 2010

165 x 235 mm, hardcover, 475 pages, 196 figure plates with 1341 SEM photographs of morphological details, 575 drawings of genitalia and 45 coloured pictures of beetles’ habitus
ISBN 978-83-930773-0-4, ISSN 2081-4615

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The world species of Rhyzobius Stephens are reviewed and illustrated. The following new synonyms are proposed: Rhyzobius aurantii Blackburn, 1892 (= Rhizobius vulgaris Weise, 1923), Rhyzobius breweri Crotch, 1874 (= Rhizobius corticalis Lea, 1902), Rhyzobius evansii Mulsant, 1850 (= Rhizobius confinis Lea, 1902), Rhyzobius fagus (Broun, 1880) (= Rhizobius satelles Blackburn, 1892; = Rhizobius kingensis Lea, 1908; = Rhizobius erythrogaster Lea, 1929; = Rhyzobius nigrovatus Bielawski, 1973), Rhyzobius nitidus Blackburn, 1889 (= Rhizobius plebeius Blackburn 1892), Rhyzobius pulchellus (Montrouzier, 1861) (= Rhizobius submetallica Crotch 1874; = Rhizobius debilis Blackburn, 1889; = Rhizobius lindi Blackburn, 1889; = Rhizobius coeruleus Blackburn, 1892), Rhyzobius waterhousei (Mulsant, 1850) (= Rhizobius speratus Blackburn, 1889). The lectotypes are designated for: Epilachna pulchella Montrouzier, Rhizobius alphabeticus Lea, Rhizobius apicalis Blackburn, Rhizobius approximatus Blackburn, Rhizobius aurantii Blackburn, Rhizobius bilineatus Weise, Rhizobius brevicornis Weise, Rhizobius breweri Crotch, Rhizobius caecus Blackburn, Rhizobius coeruleus Blackburn, Rhizobius confinis Lea, Rhizobius corticalis Lea, Rhizobius debilis Blackburn, Rhizobius discipennis Blackburn, Rhizobius discoidalis Weise, Rhizobius dorsalis Blackburn, Rhizobius eminens Blackburn, Rhizobius fasciculatus Blackburn, Rhizobius fugax Blackburn, Rhizobius gosfordensis Blackburn, Rhizobius insipidus Blackburn, Rhizobius laeticulus Blackburn, Rhizobius lindi Blackburn, Rhizobius nigrovarius Lea, Rhizobius nitidus Blackburn, Rhizobius nubilus Weise, Rhizobius plebeius Blackburn, Rhizobius pulcher Blackburn, Rhizobius satelles Blackburn, Rhizobius secessus Blackburn, Rhizobius speculifer Blackburn, Rhizobius subhirtellus Lea, Rhizobius umbratus Blackburn, Rhizobius vulgaris Weise, Scymnus discolor Erichson, Scymnus fagus Broun. The following new species are described: R. bielawskii, R. boothi, R. brunneus, R. calderi, R. dryandra, R. gingera, R. gordoni, R. hongae, R. josephi, R. leai, R. lineellus, R. macromaculatus, R. micrus, R. nataliae, R. newtonorum, R. pelion, R. popei, R. pseudopulcher, R. quadrimaculatus, R. reidi, R. rodmani, R. similis, R. slipinskii, R. tasmanicus, R. tribulation, R. unicolor, R. victoriensis, R. wanati and R. weiri from Australia and New Caledonia, R. bipunctatus, R. gonzalezi, R. iracildae, R. jaya, R. leucochaetus, R. luciae, R. metallicus, R. papuensis, R. poorani and R. violaceus from New Guinea, R. indicus, R. riedeli and R. sumatrensis from the Oriental Region. Scymnus fagus Broun, 1880 is here transferred to Rhyzobius (new combination). Nomenclatural history, diagnoses and distribution are provided for each species. Keys to the species of the genus in various zoogeographical regions are presented. Rhyzobius gratus Weise, 1918 is treated here as species incertae sedis due to the unavailability of material for study.

Key words

Entomology, taxonomy, review, Cucujoidea, Coccinellidae, Coccidulini, Rhyzobius