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  Kajak A., Karg J. - Preface


  Olejniczak I. - Soil mesofauna (Acarina and Collembola) along transects through shelterbelts of different age and adjacent fields


  Olechowicz E. - Soil and litter macrofauna in shelterbelts and adjacent cropland: changes in community structure after tree planting


  Dmowska E. - Nematode communities along the transects through shelterbelt - ecotone - cropfield
  Nowak E. - Enchytraeids (Enchytraeidae, Oligochaeta) in midfield shelterbelts of different age and in adjoining croplands
  Kajak A. - Effects of forested strips on spider assemblages in adjacent fields: dispersal activity of spiders
  Nędzarek A., Rakusa-Suszczewski S. - Nutrients and conductivity in precipitation in the coast of King George Island (Antarctica) in relation to wind speed and penguin colony distance
  Hrivnák R., Ot'ahel'ová H., Valachovič M. - The relationship between macrophyte vegetation and habitat factors along a middle-size European river
  Zaller J.G. - Effect of patchy distribution of soil nutrients on root morphology and biomass allocation of selected grassland species: experimental approach
  Lamentowicz Ł.,Gąbka M., Lamentowicz M. - Species composition of testate amoebae (Protists) and environmental parameters in Sphagnum peatland
  Pijanowska J., Bernatowicz P., Fronk J. - Phenotypic plasticity within Daphnia longispina complex: differences between parental and hybrid clones
  Tworek S. - Factors affecting bird species diversity on a local scale: a case study of a mosaic landscape in southern Poland
  Orłowski G., Polechoński R., Dobicki W., Zawada Z. - Heavy metal concentrations in the tissues of the Black-headed GullLarus ridibundus L. nesting in the dam reservoir in south­western Poland
  Juškaitis R., Remeisis R. - Summer nest sites of the common dormouse Muscardinus savellanarius L. in young woodlands of Lithuania


  Romanowski J. - Does Vistula River Valley provide the corridor function for mammals?
  Kierzkowski D., Samardakiewicz S., Robakowski P. - Variation in ultrastructure of chloroplasts of needles of silver fir ( Abies alba Mill.) saplings growing under the canopies of diverse tree species
  Iszkuło G., Lewandowski A., Jasińska A., Dering M. - Light limitation of growth in 10-year-old seedlings of Taxus baccata .(European yew)
  Nesteruk T. - Diversity and abundance of Gastrotricha in the psammon of mesotrophic lake
  Dolenec Z., Delić A., Kralj J., Dolenec P. - Variation in egg dimensions of the Tree Sparrow ( Passer montanus ) in north-western Croatia